Becoming Persephone
Invited to the Eros Festival, Drea encounters many people calming to be gods, including Hades, a man that makes her body burn. Hades pursues her, but it isn't as easy as a normal hunt and chase. There are obstacles in the way, sexy, horny obstacles that want to keep them apart... and Drea has to decide... a night of meaningless pleasure at the hands of the gods, or a lifetime beside one, and only one, as Persephone.


Looking Glass Lover
Tansy Morlock is the wild child of the group, her sexual appetites running towards the kinky and naughty. While at the party with her friends, she happens on a mirrored hallway, and a sexy man who calls himself Hypnos. When he beckons her through the glass for an erotic encounter she has no idea exactly what he has in store for her. 

All the Pleasures the Skies Have to Offer
Pander is the most down to earth of the three, the one most would consder the plain jane of her friends, so imagine her surprise when shes accosted in the foyer of the Eros ball by two beautiful men claiming to wish to pleasure her for the night?

Coleus and Tinia are sky gods vying for the affection and heart of Pander, the woman promised to the skies. Rivals, when they have to work together to figure out whom she belongs to, will they realize so much more about themselves?


A Hellion of the Skies
Andrew Rawdon has spent the past five years searching for the love of his life, Lady Sarah Worthington, the daughter of the Duke of Casmarin. When she vanished without a trace, Andrew threw himself into his work, hoping that his travels with his airship company, the Perpetual Aether and Cargo Company would bring him news of the woman he lost just before they were to be married.

Taking on a major political and scientific job, transporting the newly invented Chronosphere, something that was purported to help humanity to the next stage of technology. He knew the risks, industrial espionage, possible sabotage, and of course, the Hellions, a group of women who terrorized the skies for fun and profit.

Imagine his surprise when Sarah is the woman that boards his ship and demands he hand over the Chronosphere. Caught between duty to his company, and duty to his heart, Andrew must figure out a way to make his contract and save the woman he lost. Little does he know that Sarah has a special mission of her own.



Antebellum is the one place that Lydia can go to feel free. Living in a city she barely knows and working a job she can  barely stand has her going every weekend to the Goth club and drooling over the one person she looks forward to seeing, Declan Misari. But Declan is more then he appears, and he’s been looking for a woman to sate his carnal desires for longer than he can remember. It’s going to take the intervention of Lydia’s personal faerie Goth mother to bring her together with the darkest of her hearts desires on one special night…


A Lady Never Tells (Coming soon!)

As the last in a line of young aristocracy to be asked to sit for a burgeoning artist,  Lady Lurancy Dupree’s is both honored and mystified. Each of her friends have already worked with him and each is extremely tight lipped about what their experience was. “A lady never tells” is all they say.
So when she is whisked to his estate, without a chaperone in tow, her excitement and curiosity is peaked, especially when she comes face to face with the enigmatic Lord Mycroft Steel. Lurancy is about to find out for herself just what the others before her had experienced, and realize that innocence is wildly overrated.