Friday, October 28, 2011

its Out!

Our, as in me and Charlotte Steele, first book in our Dark Fae series, Antebellum, is out today with Ravenous Romance! Its a novella, in a sweet little Anthology, and we are super excited its finally out!

Want the blurb:

Antebellum is the one place that Lydia can go to feel free. Living in a city she barely knows and working a job she can barely stand has her going every weekend to the Goth club and drooling over the one person she looks forward to seeing, Declan Misari. But Declan is more then he appears, and he’s been looking for a woman to sate his carnal desires for longer than he can remember. It’s going to take the intervention of Lydia’s personal faerie Goth mother to bring her together with the darkest of her hearts desires on one special night…

Its a cute little gothy halloween story just right for a sexy spooky night! You know you wanna read it! so buy now and tell us what you think!

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